Some of the following print samples represent projects I have done from concept through to final print.

Oct. 27, 2001

Toronto Star Newspaper (GTA Today)
- Production Lead:

Hired as Production Lead in May 2000. Responsible for quality control of all finished pages with advertising and editorial combined, for the GTA Today free newspaper owned by Torstar Corp. Duties included monitoring 5 separate computers each evening both PC and Macintosh, correcting any production problems in the process.
Today utilized the QPS systems for linking editorial content and advertising space. I separated each page into DCS (4-colour) format, after proofing each page on our colour printers, then transmitted to film RIPs in the Vaughan printing plant.
Other duties included colour correction of editorial photos and helping build ads for the production team, when required.
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The American Journal of Ophthalmology,
Chicago, U.S.A.
[Head Office]

Singularly produced the Journal for Corporate Communications Interactive, from Toronto, utilizing QuarkXPress, Illustrator and Photoshop, mostly.
We ran a parallel production of the traditional publication. The Chicago office wanted to start producing all issues from electronic files.
I received photos, illustrations and graphs to insert along with relevant authors articles. We proved to AJO that electronic production was more efficient than their present method of production for the monthly magazine. Created Excel sheets for workflow.


Gottardo Builders, Toronto

This was an ad for a trade magazine for the construction industry in Canada.
Working with Cameron Douglas and Associates I created all elements in QuarkXPress and Photoshop.

Armstrong Ceiling Systems 2006 catalogue

260 page catalogue, 6 colour offset, for Graphic Techniques Ltd. Burlington.
Revised all English text to French, using only "plain" fonts and removing
all faux fonts.
Multiple columns, with very small type, utilizing QuarkXPress 5 and 6 on Macintosh OS X platform.
I worked with the client to a very tight deadline, and we successfully finished before it came due.

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REIT ( H&R Real Estate Investment Trust )

This is an annual report for the year of 1996.
Shown are just the front cover and one inside spread. We did this in
four colour plus 2 Pantone colours on glossy stock, 24 pages.
Each financial statement page has a 5% background screen of one Pantone colour.
All images where enhanced, refined, drop shadows and
cropped in Photoshop, by myself.
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Kingsway Financial Services Inc.

This is another annual report for the year of 1996.
Gaining a new client for myself and Cameron Douglas, this client opted for the economical route. This was a three colour job with four colour process on the cover (inside, front and back) only. It turned into a fine looking annual report. Kingsway returned to us the following year.


Wiltshire Knives, client for Dick & Labrie Advertising

Art Director and purchasing agent for Dick & Labrie. This was a one-man operation.
I hired type houses, film producers, photographers, model agencies and print shops for all my projects. I took every job from my colour renderings through each step, and sometimes even to delivery at the clients' office.
Wiltshire was a major client and I produced many small ad campaigns with traditional materials ­ before the Personal Computer had been brought into the advertising market.

 Magic Marker Rendering

Traditional marker rendering

Asked by a client to produce a quick ad for a car show in 1989. A quick marker rendering was the most effective media for his requirements.
Today, my Mac and/or my Windows computer is more efficient and accurate for fast, creative work.

The above printed samples are just some of the pre-press work I have done over the past 15 years.
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