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Desktop and pre-press work.   PRINT SAMPLES

Toronto Star Newspaper: - Production Lead
Responsible for quality control of all finished pages with advertising and editorial combined, for the GTA Today free newspaper owned by Torstar Corp. My duties included monitoring 5 separate computers each evening, correcting any problems in the process. Today utilized the QPS systems for linking editorial content and advertising space. I separated each page into DCS format after proofing each page on our colour printers then transmitted to film RIPs in our Vaughan printing plant. Other duties included colour correction of editorial photos and helping build ads for the production team when required.

Captain Printworks - Pre-press Production
Configuring different file formats, from clients for finished print. This is a quick-print shop, located in mid-Toronto. They have several colour copiers linked via LAN and one direct-to-plate, high volume four-colour offset press, in the back room. Both Windows XP (5) and Mac's (4) are used extensively as problem solving, pre-press production tools.

Digital Reproductions: - Pre-press production/Art Director
1999, completed a nine month contract with Digital, producing large format ink-jet signs. My responsibilities were to receive client files on disk and prepare each one for optimum output to our two 8-colour printers. We had both Macintosh and Windows systems working through an NT server for the ColorSpan print rip station. Most files required some tweaking before going to print and some required complete re-building, to meet client expectations on print quality. My other responsibilities were maintaining the printers and helping in the laminating process when required. Clients; L.C.B.O., Z-Factor, Carol Baker Visage, Lenmark Communications, Davis Communications and Cotton Ginny.

Corporate Communications Interactive: - Pre-press production
Spring of 1998 completed a 14-month contract producing the American Journal of Ophthalmology, for Corporate Communications Interactive, Toronto. My duty was to produce digital files for The Journal, which is based in Chicago Illinois. When electronic Word files from the editor in Chicago were received, via my e-mail at CCI, I formatted, scanned and prepared all editorial content, using Photoshop, Illustrator and QuarkXpress, correcting any photographs, illustrations or graphs. This is a monthly publication of approx. 200 pages, with complex tables and 75 different style sheets in Quark. There were five iterations of each issue and I developed a system in Excel to keep track of all changes and status, to assist the office manager in keeping track of workflow.

Xerox Canada: - Colour Specialist
Under contract with Xerox Canada, summer/fall of ‘95 as Colour Applications Specialist. In charge of the new MajestiK and 5775 high res. colour printer/copier/scanner. Received digital files from clients and provided guidance to Colour Staff for the best output quality of documents. In conjunction with this, I advised sales staff and CAC’s about colour theory and its applications in the Mac/Windows environment. That included informing users of monitor profile settings, for optimized laser printing of CMYK or RGB files. Creating digital presentations, in PowerPoint for presentations and overhead projection glossies for district sales managers was also required.

Hayes Printing: - Creative/Production
1991 to ‘93, Creative/typographer, on the Macintosh system. Hayes Printing is a full service print company, with in-house film department and bindery. Responsibilities were to receive information from sales staff and formulate production strategy regarding any creative or pre-press architecture to meet client needs. QuarkXPress, Illustrator, Freehand and Page Maker were the most frequently used programs at Hayes, to facilitate transfer of files between their Macintosh and IBM system. The art/production studio imaged high resolution (2,540 dpi.) Lino output to paper or film. Clients included; Texas Instruments, Travelweek Magazine, Nickel Development Institute, Conference Travel of Canada and P. R. Lamont Advertising.

Dick and Labrie: - Art Director
1989 Art Director for Dick & Labrie Advertising: Supplied all creative concepts, from initiation of marker renderings, suggestions for copy to enhance product, through to final print. After client approval, provided accurate quotes on costs and services for our client executive. Responsible for all creative, production, photography, models, film, type, art, printing and finishing. Clients included The Arrow Shirt Company, Wiltshire Knives, Weetabix and Orion Pictures.

Mongeau Bacon: - Art Director
Art Director, Toronto branch: Duties with Mongeau involved working with our major client, Hughes Marketing. As creative Director I liaised with the head office in Montreal. Under my guidance was one intermediate artist, hired outside sources when required. One of my credits was designing and producing the complete "Travel Bonus Program", for CP Air. In addition, concepts and layouts through to photography was a bi-monthly effort for the Macs’ Milk chain. The two, double-page spreads produced each month for Macs’ were freestanding inserts for weekly publications.

The McLellan Group, - Contract for Multimedia
1995, finished a two-month contract with The McLellan Group at 119 Spadina Ave. The major work project was a multimedia presentation using Director 4 on Mac, for Nelvana, the animation studio. This was a venture for investors and shareholders of Nelvana Studios Inc. The presentation was given by projection, in digital stereo, and script driven.

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