I try my best to create atmosphere in my paintings. To convey subtle variations in light effects on the landscape. This is the measure of success in my opinion. The texture and tonal depth achieved with oils, has given me the ability to convey what I like best in painting. Working with watercolour and acrylic medium in my early efforts, helped me to evolve.

My subject matter is a compilation from figurative studies, to outdoor still life, anything with dramatic lighting. Of course towering cumulus always fascinates.

I've attempted to capture the genius strokes of artists like John Singer Sargent, Gerhardt Richter, and William Bouguereau. Not an easy task.

Doug MacBean

In my studio, painting up a storm.

Artist Statement

To paraphrase Robert Henri, from his book "The Art Spirit", I agree entirely with one of his paragraphs, and express my opinion of that idea, below.
He wrote a letter in 1916, regarding art buying, of his day. I like to think this still applies.

If regular folks went more into local art galleries, they should feel confident in their own decisions, regarding what is important art. Take with you, all the knowledge you have gained, and all that you have liked, in your own life. Let no one bend your will.
Take a chance if you choose to buy. With your struggle to comprehend a good choice, you join the struggle with the artists, who struggle also, to create.

If you choose well, your art will continue to bring special and unique qualities into your world. If, after some time you tire of this work, perhaps it was a mistake. With this knowledge, you grow and may understand, this was a wonderful opportunity to explore the nuances of personal expression. You risk making a mistake, just as the artists risk many mistakes, in their own efforts.

Artists are supported, when sales are made. Art buyers are often risk-takers, but when they do, just that, all of their society benefits from advancing the belief that art is important, and everyone has opportunity to give evidence, with their own expression.

Doug MacBean   2009




I like to keep other interests in my life and one is swing dancing, with a great crowd in Toronto and the Buffalo area.This form of dance is very interpretive and challenging. It brings dance to a fine art when the dancers put years of effort into their basic talents.
Even within the swing dance community there are many variations on styles of dance. I have a preference for West Coast swing and something called Hustle.
My style of dance may not be the norm, but, this is very interpretive.The dancers are very friendly and accommodating at all times. It's my other family. I'm a swingdanzguy.
The social connections have helped keep some of my sanity.

On the right is, the logo I designed for TSDS, way back in '97, or earlier. Just started playing on my Mac, with stylus and tablet.


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