In the spring of 1995, worked a two-month contract with The McLellan Group at 119 Spadina Ave. in Toronto. The major work project was a multimedia presentation for Nelvana, the animation studio. This was a venture for investors and shareholders of Nelvana Studios Inc. The presentation was given by digital projection, in stereo, and script driven.

Involved with correcting a speed problem which had been encountered by the originator of the preliminary show. This was a relatively simple matter but it required complete revamping of all images, text and transitions in Director 4.0. The client requested a very fast transition from one screen to the next when the space-bar was touched by the "projectionist" during the final presentation, to coincide with key words in the script.

We included nine QuickTime quarter-screen video's, digitized through our Avid suite from BETA video supplied by Nelvana and live-action videotaped by The McLellan Group. The finished presentation was just under 200 mg and was delivered on a Syquest cartridge to the client ­ by our deadline, 4 am on a Tuesday morning ­ and received tumultuous accolades from the audience. (so I was told eh?)

My second largest project for The McLellan Group was helping create a multi-media floppy disk presentation, to be mailed to prospective clients for the Pallet Pallet Company. This was a brief but educational disk, containing information about the company, its financial status and future growth prospects. It also required formatting for a Windows environment. Additionally, created a booth exhibit for the New York spring trade show of 1995 for Pallet Pallet.

Helping with data based information for Royal Trust of England was the last project I assisted on for McLellan. This was a very large project, transferring traditional print manuals into CD format, now complete and cut onto CD's for the employees of Royal Trust.

In the spring of 1996, gave a presentation of my multimedia skills to Bruce Keeling of Advance Films & Video, in west Toronto. I used a rented PowerBook 190C to showcase my Director capabilities and Bruce saw an opportunity to do the same for one of his clients. Mr. Keeling asked me to work on a presentation for him in Windows and I happily took on the task. Working at his office I used Director 4 and Photoshop to create a short interactive presentation specifically for that client. I had only one week to get this one finished and Bruce got an extra days' work from me, for free! This ain't policy but I try to keep my clients happy.

One last project to mention is my first effort at multimedia at Digital Media Studios at the University of Toronto. My thesis and project there was an interactive CD Rom I called "Colour Explorer". This creation helps explain colour theory to adults and children as it affects us through each day. It was a really fun project and quite extensive considering the learning curve over a ten week course. I understand it was still exhibited one year later, to new students as an example of what can be accomplished within the class. A copy of the CD is available for your viewing curiosity.



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