Title:   "Last Pumpkin Harvest at Buttwick Farm oil on canvas 30 x 40" SOLD
 © Doug MacBean 


Back in 2005 I visited the Buttwick Family Farm, off hwy 6 to Guelph. I was very sad to hear the Buttwicks had decided to stop "pick-your-own" farming for families. This property was ideal for my landscape intentions, with rolling hills, valleys and lush orchards. Now it seemed my paradise found had forever been lost. Just my luck.

I did get to photograph most of the existing orchards, before they had been taken out. That included the pumpkin patch that spanned many acres. I looked at many of my photos and decided to put this landscape together, combining five or six photos, to give the impression I felt.

Here I am illustrating the impending clouds, looming over the little house on the hill and a small shaft of sunlight bouncing off the sparse hilltop growth. The foreground has the cast shadow from unseen clouds, closing over fields which will soon be bereft of pumpkins.

It seems a good dedication to what was once a thriving family business, and wonderful day-trip for surrounding families.



  Original painting, oil on canvas: 30 x 40"