Hamilton City Hall:  March 6 to April 18th, 2006

An exhibit of paintings by Doug MacBean, in the lobby of Hamilton City Hall, March 6- April 14th, 2006

Golden Field, South of Cambridge

Leftover Pumpkins

Vertical Cloud, Study 3

Windfall Apples, Buttwick

Bella Maria Farm

Dissipating Cumulus over Moonstone, Bike Path

East of Blackstock Ontario

Buttwick Farm, October Sunset

Kemp Rd. Farm, Warm Clouds

North of Oshawa

Afternoon, Grazing,
Near Jerseyville

Blue Wave,
Petunias RBG

Cumulonimbus Transition

Anvil Cloud, over Cambridge

Lynden, Fall Vista

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For purchase, contact Doug MacBean:  905-545-1190

This show will run from March 6 to April 18th, 2006. Monday to Friday.

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