Doug MacBean

Title:   Arden Boat 1984   [ Acylic on canvas ] 30 x 40"  SOLD
 © Doug MacBean 


This scene was discoverd by myself beside a bridge with a river running under highway Seven, on my way to Ottawa. This is close to Tweed, just outside a little village called Arden. Way back in the seventies there was a small motel called the Arden Motel. They had a few small rowing boats for visitors. When I came upon them, they where in disrepair and half-sunk, in the river running under the highway bridge.

This is what I love, and look for; A feeling of what came before me, and the remnants that allow me to see into the past. What a wonderful opportunity for me to find this delicate landscape, set up for me, almost as in a nostalgic movie set. I looked for any remnants in the following years during my travels along hwy 7, but it has mostly disappeared.