Doug MacBean


"A Few Acres of Snow" Commissioned by the National Museum Of Man, Ottawa, 1977



National Museuem Of Man.jpg



When I was exhibiting at the Toronto Outdoor Art Festival in 1977, a chap asked me to allow him to take one of my watercolour paintings to Ottawa. I think his last name was Alsop. I agreed, and later he told me the National Musuem of Man (Barbara Tyler, Director of Resource Services) wanted two more large, pieces, similar to the one that had been shown. It was for their new wing called "A Few Acres of Snow", and offered to purchase my smaller work, then asked for two more, as large as I could make them, to which I complied.

One was for the entrance to "A Few Acres of Snow" and the other at the exit. I understand that Queen Elizabeth visited this wing and would have observed it, on her way past. I guess she wasn't buying, that day:)

This was used for the printing of the official guest invitations, for the new Museum wing, in 1977, and other uses such as note cards.




Doug MacBean