Doug MacBean

Joanna Cassidy  (collection)

Joanna's bio, on the Internet Movie Database

I had the pleasure to meet Joanna personally, back in 1990 when I was a student at O.C.A. She had seen one of my smaller cloud paintings, while doing a film in Toronto "Where the Heart Is" with Dabney Coleman, and had an agent contact me about a purchase.

After playing phone tag with each other Joanna asked me to bring the painting up to her apartment, before leaving town. Needless to say, I was a little nervous to meet such a well-known actress, so I took along my daughter Kristen, who was about nine, at that time, to calm my nerves.

I arrived at Joanna's door wearing what I thought, at the time was so cool, all black, with old leather biker jacket, adorned with my own rhinestone studding. I needn't have been nervous, she was a delight to talk to. The following week Joanna had a free evening and agreed to attend an art show opening with me, featuring a friend of mine (David Arathoon).

I drove her to the opening at the Avenue Rd. gallery, in my 1984 Chevette. Yes. She was so gracious and gregarious, not a mention of my wheels. Joanna did not even baulk at being stuck in traffic on the 401 for an hour, for road construction. I think she understands the plight of some artists. The patrons at the gallery immediately recognized her and started a buzz. Joanna made me feel like the star that night. One I will not forget.

Joanna is a fun lady, with a great laugh. She did that, a lot.