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Artworks, on Paper
Hamilton City Hall
March, 2006

Albion Falls 2009

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I attempt to create atmosphere in my paintings, to convey subtle variations in light effects on the landscape. This is the measure of success, in my opinion. The texture and tonal depth achieved with oils, has given me the ability to convey subtlety and mystique.
As a photographer for over twenty years, I have learned to observe, closely, the importance of lighting and its effect on all form. Working with watercolour and acrylic medium in my early efforts, helped me to evolve.

My favourite subject matter is a compilation from figurative studies, to outdoor still life, anything with dramatic lighting. Of course towering cumulus always fascinates me.
Doug MacBean

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The following is a short list of artists whose work I have admired, over many years.
Paul Peel
Harold Town
Ken Danby
Robert Bateman
Tom Thomson
William Blair Bruce

Frank Frazetta,
Norman Rockwell
Arthur Rackham
Heinrich Kley
Haddon Sundblom

Andrew Wyeth
N.C. Wyeth
William Bouguereau
William Merritt Chase
Maxfield Parish
J. C. Lyendecker

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